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That is an awesome idea! Also, instead of being the country of lucky people, America would become the country of smart people.


I welcome this bill. This would pave way for legal immigrants who come to the US, play by the rules and distinguish them from other applicants who manage to get a green card just by the fact that they were lucky to be ahead in the line. This bill provides a more merit based approach rather than chance based and gives some credit to people who have an advanced degree from the US. Lets hope it gets passed.


Good one. I support this bill for all legal people. We all work so hard to get to this point for all EB-bases.


doubt it will fly anywhere --as does numerous other bills!


There isn't even any real basis for the DV-Lottery.

Why would you have legislation to allow immigrants who just on the basis of luck are allowed to immigrate to the U.S.?

Why in the world would you not allocate green cards first to those who have already proven themselves, hold professional degrees and are directly contributing to the economy?

If there wasn't another way to expand welfare government finds it by expanding it outside it's borders.


OMG!! Finlay a bill that make sense. Hope it goes through.


Just to give some hope not to give up and make some time... Never worked for me for last 10 years, why this time? Will not work until we all get sick and wives has no interest to work or go school anymore. If I knew this kind of lacking system making you wait for decades, I would double think before coming here.
Though, I am a few months a way. Everytime, I get so close, something happened in the past to retrogress things. Is it removing quota for India/China and sucking all our EB3 ROW visas with 3 billion population this time?


I would like to see those numbers divided evenly among countries and categories. Otherwise it will only benefit China and India. So I would prefer them to keep the diversity lottery. I think the better idea would be to eliminate 3rd and 4th family preference categories to re-allocate those numbers to EB categories and cut back the refugee program.


This is the only hope for the brighest students of this nation. Its very pathetic that even in this 21st century, well educated professionals are kept on edge just for a GC. When they have allocated 20k for H1-B program, there should be some increase in the visa numbers for GC in order to retain the cream of professional. With the spirit and faith in this country I hope this bill goes through.....


There have been bills to eliminate DV programs in past years, but didn't go through. I think this is the 4th attempt. This clearly states that it is time to stop this program.

Few of the DV winners will also benefit from Free US programs like food stamps, Gov. sponsored health programs, etc. Instead almost all of the EB workers pays high taxes, companies pays big filing fees.

High skilled workers and the students who came to US for higher education, paid high fees, remained far from family, lived under stress of immigration system and visa headache now deserve the GC. Such people also aids to economy, creates jobs, starts or manages busineeses.

I think even if the DV is not completely eliminated the numbers should be adjusted between DV and EB.

Kanwar Lobana

I support this Bill!

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Do i really have the sense of mourning the loss of my youth and confusing about my future?

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This sounds like a pretty darn good piece of legislation if you ask me. Why would we want to give away those spots to unskilled immigrants when we could give them to highly skilled immigrants that are more likely to create jobs? It seems like a no brainer.


Looks good. I definitely agree with this bill. I will support this.


Definitely a good idea - a bill that will benefit legal immigrants

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Don't see too much fawning now. The CSC has become a disaster across all nonimmigrant visa categories

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The CSC has become a disaster across all nonimmigrant visa categories


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This is the only hope for the best students of USA. Its very pathetic that even in 2011., well educated professionals are kept on edge just for a GC. - Hgh Releasers-


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