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Delaware Bob

This DREAM Act is nothing but amnesty for illegal aliens, illegal aliens who had NO RIGHT to be in this Country in the first place. Maybe it's time for the parents of these illegal alien kids to take them back to their own Country where they belong. The American people are fed up with all the costs that go with supporting these illegal aliens and all their anchor babies.



Try going into Mexico illegally and sign up at the local university and see how far you get. Nobody that I know has a problem with people immigrating her to the united states, what they have a problem with is people coming in illegally.

John Griffen

Everyone has a dream.
Being that this is America, the "LAND OF OPPORTUNITY" I think that these folks deserve a chance. After all, most of us come from immigrant backgrounds. Technically, this land of opportunity was owned by the Native Americans, or Indians.


Fix the legal immigration first.

Current system is broken.

murli iyer

these kids deserve to be documented and given a chance to improve the talent this great country needs and must have so give them a dream that thius country can fulfill


Why illegal children should have a DREAM when legals in this country are facing the backlog NIGHTMARE. The kind of hardships that legals are facing in this country are unimaginable, but they go on because they do not ask for crutches for themselves or their U.S Citizen children. They are stagnant in the same jobs for last 10 years and on top of that they have to pay thousand of dollars to maintain legal status. Just six years for conditional permanent residence, which will also count towards citizenship, this is pathetic and a slap on the face of legal immigrants of this country. Nobody is doing any favor to anyone by attending two years of college, you go to college to give direction to your life and nothing else. Besides, why give them permanent residence, why don't we give them F-1 visa like all hard working students from other countries have to do. They take loans, work and study without knowing they will ever get a work sponsorship and they might have to return home. Give the illegal students F-1 visa, if they are good, they will be retained or otherwise they get sent to their respective countries. And why only 2 years and why not four years. Legals are hearing their five year (3+2) degrees from home countries are not equivalent to U.S. Bachelor's degrees and to illegals they are saying that your 2 years of degrees is good enough for citizenship. This is travesty of justice and nothing else. We have been patiently waiting for our turn and complying with all the laws of this country and have every intention to do so in future. We ask that no illegal gets ahead of the legals. We saw this fiasco in 2000, with LIFE Act and still bearing the scars of that legislation and we can't take it any more. All the sympathy is for illegals, nothing for the spouses and children of H-1Bs who can't work.


By the way if the whole argument is that there so many David Cho's then why are you demanding just two years of college from them, why don't you tell them to have M.S. degree before they satisfy the requirement for condition permanent residence. Why are you setting the bar so low for all these geniuses? Two years of college for a citizenship for illegals, then I say keep the same requirement for the legal immigrants who are in this country. Those legals who have six years of post high school education should be immediately awarded citizenship as a part of this law, but nobody is proposing that and we all know very well why is that. We have no problem in waiting patiently, because the laws of this wonderful country demand this of us and we have to abide by these laws, even in toughest of times. What we are objecting to is favoritism for some for the sake of politics! If the argument is that this dream is for legal as well as for illegal children, then kindly exclude legal children because like their parents, they don't need any crutches.


Raj, the basic concept is to give a pathway for some sort of legality to basically students who are Americans without documentation. For the most part they were bought here by no fault of their own. They have spent a majority of their lives here. They are not going anywhere, which is evident by DHS not deporting them.

It's hard to sell to closed minded conservatives the idea of raising students k-12 here as Americans just to take it all away. There is no sense in this, it is a serious issue that needs to be addressed, about 2 millions lives are unproductive as a result of not doing anything about it.

Don't bring up other problems into this problem. It's not hard to master the idea.The DREAMERS do not want federal money. They want a fair chance to go to college, work legally, pay taxes, and in a nutshell...live the American dream; because that's how they were raised.

First of all, we are not deporting them..many of them have lives here. By not legalizing them, we are not putting their lives on hold. They will work under the table, qualify for free maternal care, etc. We lose more economically by keeping these students illegal.

If you cant understand this, you belong in India, or better yet..in the middle east with the rest of the conservative loonies.

Enry C. San Andreas

It is my understanding that helping those in need makes us better in God's view. Those who posted negatives comments on this site, pleare read this;

America in a country made of Immigrants.

Helping children, regarding whether or not born in the USA is Help!

Let's give and receive what they will contribute to our country. These children in time will give what their parent count not because been Illigal in the USA did not allowed them to do so!

The Big Apple

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