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Loren Young

Mr. Shusterman,

Thanks for your immigration wonderful articles and witty insights.

In regards to this statement:

“Please keep in mind that you will be eligible for naturalization 5 years from the date when you got your green card. You may apply for naturalization 90 days before your 5th year of permanent residence.

Do you mean, 90 days before your 5th completed year of permanent residence or 90 days before you begin your 5th year of permanent residence? There is a difference of 12 months.

Thank you

lisa mulzac

Let's hope and pray that the 2b category rocks too.


Is this really true? I am a green card holder and i filled i-130 for my husband and it was approved on Sept. 13, 2010 (after 5 months)

What is my next step? Is is posible for him to get a visa before the end of this year because i'm in this category F2A?

Please update me with any info that you have. Thank you


what is EB3?

Faisal Ghulam

My Wife is Green Card Holder and she has filed I-130
for me in October 2009 and got approval in Sep10 2010
and also payed NVC fees which is 88 Dollar right now.

How long i have to wait for my Visa Number and when my case will be forward to USA Embassy of Pakistan.

I am from Pakistan.




Pakistani citizens are excluded from this new faster approval process.


hi!do u think 2a will still be as fast as today till nextyear?coz marriage with my LPR fiance will prolly be a year from now.thanx!


Am a spouse of a greencard holder,my success story of the fast moving 2A turn into a nightmare when ifound out that i cannot do adjustment of status here in united state because my status was expired. I wish something can be done to redem my case. Is there anything i can do regarding my case.



Did you enter the country after December 2000 and overstay your visa?


hi,my employer has filed an EB3 petition for me. we all know there is a big backlog. my husband is a green card holder and currently working in the US. he has plans of filing a petition for me and my daughter. is that possible considering i already have a EB3 petition filed? tnx for the help...


hi.....my process for immigrarion is completed at 8/02/2011 .My caregaory is F2A.When will i get my interview call ?


Hi sir, my sister now she facing a problem sir, She is now doing II puc Science. When she was admitted to school their parents wrongly mentioned her caste details as so far now also its coming as only. but now for higher studies she required reservation benefit. but in her sslc Transfer certificate the problem also still it has come. so can u tell me how it can we change from that wrong caste to right.


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