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Susan I. Nelson

Excellent analysis and reasoning. Anyone saying the memo advocates a "back door amnesty" has not read it.

The american

The BCIS can decide whatever it wants after a decision has been made. A positive action can be made within its discretion by Law. For instance a Lifec Act petitioner that had his applicatrion denied and paying taxes and living in the US fore the past26 years, can write a letter bacl to the BICS to ask for a change of the decision as per the BCIS, and the BCIS is within the law to change its mind and grant residency instead.


What are the predictions for the CSPA: retention of priority dates for F4 petition based derivative beneficiaries? When is the government due to file their response?

Nana K.

People make too much noise about legalizing these undocumented immigrants because it's difficult to understand what they're going through. Just take one moment and consider yourself as someone who came to this country at the age of two. You've never traveled outside this country. You don't speak any other language apart from English. You don't know any other culture. Why should you be deported because your parent brought you here illegally? Some of these immigrants have even lost their parents, and no one can help connect them to their family at wherever they came from. People keep mention "law". I think if there should be any punishment, their parents should be responsible for it.


People talk and people talk, decades go by nothing is been done.There is so much dormant tallent within the illegal community it is truely sad that this group cannot bring forth their contribution to this Great Nation.We speak about One Nation Under God.I wonder how many Illegal immigrants will enter into Heaven.I am quite sure there will be many, to gain mercy we must show mercy.We all know the right way to fix this problem fix it and let us move foward as One Nation Under God.

mens health

all that needs be done, is to simply revoke the damned authorizing and implementing legislation, and not only is it back in the bottle, but it is as dead as a post legally and historically.

Nike Shox R4


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