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We need to have a discussion in this country about what the circumstances were which brought about this entire Immigration battle with primarily Mexicans. To his credit, Rick Sanchez at CNN seems to be the only journalist who has scratched the surface. Mexico was an agricultural economy consisting mostly of corm. The American farm interests sucked the life out of Mexico's agri-economy with the help of self-serving members of Congress leaving behind a country poor and fractured.

The once robust and colorful Mexican culture has been reduced to rubble with a police and military so corrupt that no one has half a chance to realize their dreams. That's why we have the migrant farm workers coming over the border. This is why Mexicans will do almost anything to come to the United States because they believe the only chance they have to lift their families out of poverty is to cross over. Mexicans and Canadians are Americans, too. We don't need to open the borders, we need to recognize pour role and mitigate the losses. A prosperous North American continent is the the best interest of every American even outside the United States.

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Don't see too much fawning now. The CSC has become a disaster across all nonimmigrant visa categories

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