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Eb5 visa program

From the moment I heard about it I have been a huge fan of this program. There is even a Regional Center in Guam!! In my view, this visa is one of the absolute shining lights in US immigration policy.

Keith Hooton

I am considering immigration via the EB5 route but read the following in Blog dated 01/06/2010..
"In the past, the EB-5 program was subject to much controversy and even to federal lawsuits. In 1998, the federal government suddenly, and without advance notice, changed the rules making it more difficult for investors to qualify for green cards under the EB-5 program. Four years later, Congress passed legislation to help investors who were victims of the new rules. The legislation provided that implementing regulations were to be issued in 2003. To date, the USCIS has yet to promulgate these regulations."

Has anything change regarding this?

Eb5 visa program

I think that what changed in the eb5 program was the level of checking they do on the source of the funds. There is always going to have to be strict measures in place to make sure these investment funds were gained legally. If I were you, I would not be dissuaded from applying for this visa for these reasons.


Please let me know who i can contact at your office to discuss about this in detail. I have a EAD from my current pending i - 485 EB3(I) application. I will like to know more about the regional centers programs.

Kathryn Tong

Please let me know

1) Will the $500,000 investment be returned after 2 years. Is it a guaranteed investment.

2) What's the qualification of becoming a regional center?

eb5 visa program

Kathryn, the 500,000 investment is in fact not a guaranteed investment. You should look carefully at any regional center in which you plan to invest, and do so via an attorney.

Regarding the qualifications to become a regional center, here is a resource which I found: http://www.justanswer.com/questions/1pljq-how-do-we-become-a-regional-center-for-eb5-greencard. Hope this helps and good luck:)


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