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Nathan Bogart

I agree. I think it is time to scrap these outdated rules regarding marijuana use. I have never understood why we insist on lumping everyone who has ever tried marijuana in the same group. Not only are we discouraging dishonesty, but we are essentially stating there is no difference between a habitual user and one who made a youthful mistake. It makes no sense.


I propose to apply INA 212 and INA 237 to the existing and prospective members of Congress.

Matthew Kolken

Great article Carl!


Carl, I hate to say this to someone like you.

Welcome to the world of US immigration.

More egregious than the example you cite is INA 214(b), the law that requires denial of student or visit visas to people who admit to having a desire to immigrate to the US at some point in the future. Smoking marijuana is against federal law after all whether you agree with it or not, but wanting to immigrate legally to the US? What's wrong with that?
Yet people world over routinely lie in their visa interview - often their first interaction with an American - that they have no desire to immigrate to the US.

I have always believed that US immigration law is antithetical to America itself in that it is based more on fear that aliens will violate the law than on trust that government can enforce the law.

Account Deleted

US Immigration making is very tipical. I live in India but here US immigration Process is very long and very hard. I think this is right process.



Green Card Visa

Is that part about the marijuana use true? It seems odd that they would BAN someone from ever having a hope from receiving a green card simply for this reason. Especially because this is a cultural thing that should not be looked at with a blanket approach.

julio galaviz

i think its a bunch of bull crap cause i got denied today just a couple of hours ago. im very up set cause i spend most of my life in the usa im 23 and i been there for 15 years i have a wife and son in houston and i got denied cause i said i smoked weed and i got a year baned from my visa and the case worker was like sorry and and told her i got a family and she was like sorry. she said it with no remors and no fellings and i told her man can you cut me a break at least i was honest she was like no. so now im stuck here for one year to four and i dont know what im going to do all i know is how to live over there and whos going to help my wife and kid and i have no criminal recoerd and never done anything bad to anybody . i have to start all over in a year can anybody help with advice.

hydroxycut carb control

interesting topic, this is a problem which we live today, our youth is a victim of this maybe we can raise awareness of this and that we have the support of our government officials and peace for our future generations, thanks for sharing subject.

green card visa

Certain parts of immigration law are truly arcane. I wonder how this applies to medical marijuana as termed legal by 13 or 14 states.


I applied K1 and i do have the same problem. During my medical exam the doctor asked me if did i ever try drugs i answered her honestly yes 3 times last 2003 it was out of curiosity and friend influence...During my interview in embassy i expected i get deny right away but they did not yet in fact they sent me to Fraud Prevention Unit and 1 guy investigate me. After that i signed my statement and he told me i can go home now and just wait to hear from them. They will call or send me a letter. its been a month already but i havent heard frm them, my fiancee called the manila embassy asked about my status but the girl said its none no status.. I do not know what is going on. I have no idea if i get deny after this waiting period. I leave it all to God. I believe He is there to help.

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New visa regulations should be implemented for immigrants.


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