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my grandfather petitioned his children last sept 1993 and it was approve dec 1993..it was 17 years ago.my grandfather and grandmother went to US for months but they went back to the Phils. because my my grandfather had an accident.Unfortunately he was diagnosed here in the Phils. to have prostate cancer that is why he was not able to go back.He died year 2000.We received a letter just this 2010 that we were for visa processing but the petition dies with the petitioner.. I have my closest aunt which is my father's sister-in-law that is very much willing to file for affidavit of support.Ever since she wanted us to be with her.she sent me to nursing school because she believed that one day we can go to US.
Are we qualified to file for humanitarian reinstatement?

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My father was a Filipino WWII veteran and a US retired us navy for 20 years and become a naturalized us citizen in 1995.i was 15 years old at that time IR2 when the family planned to migrate in the us but because my two older brothers at that time were over 21 there petitions were approved but visas aren't yet available,now during our interview we were denied due to financial capacity of my father to support us was question and need affidavit of support from our relatives,and because of the circumstances that cannot be avoided like my father was sick of prostate so my family decided to take a rest and our us plan was postponed until my father died in year 2000.is there a possibility that i am still covered and avail the CSPA? im 30 yrs old now and still single..and my mom plans to apply back the widowers self petition next month here in manila embassy.


my brother died in 16th october 2011 my sister put file in 2000. we had done all our paper work and we are just wait for his visa call in between uscis get two years retrogetion inbetween he was was died so his derivatives steel get some chance to get visa
tell me what we do

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