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John Pearson

Hi I need your help or advice. Please call me or let me know how to call you. I have 100% positive proof that a U.S. Consulate Visa Office is "bad, unfair, prejudice, corrupt" or whatever you want to call it. I also have proof this same Visa officer violated Federal Identity theft laws when she INTENTIONALLY sent doc's entrusted by the USCIS, NVC, Homeland Security to a person in a foreign country she said didn't have a "bona fide" relationship with any American citizen or petitioner. Besides the doc's containing my ID theft info, the Visa officer sent ID theft info for a person with the same name as me, but different birth date, SS #, etc. than me without his knowledge or consent as well. She is 100% corrupt and if she would do these things to an American born citizen like me, what is she doing to innocent Ecuadorians who want to immigrate legally, but don't have the recourse I do. I have these original doc's in my possession that I shouldn't have. I have a retired USCIS employee who's a witness to everything and did our paperwork for us. I need your help to PUT HER WHERE SHE BELONGS AND SEND A LOUD MESSAGE TO ABUSIVE CONSULATE OR EMBASSY VISA OFFICERS THAT PREJUDICE, UNFAIRNESS OR BREAKING RULES AND/OR LAWS WILL NOT BE TOLEERATED. I’m A DISABLED VETERAN AND HAVE LIMITED RESOURCES. Please help or advise me. If this were poker, I'm holding a "royal flush" with no wild cards and I just need you or someone to "make the most of this". My wife and I must go back to this abusive Consulate in 6-8 weeks for our Immigrant Visa after our K-1 Visa was unfairly (w/prejudice) handled and “denied” by this Consulate officer beginning almost 18 months ago & temporarily ending 10/13/09 (we must go back). You are the first people I was recommended to contact. I've spent the last few months building this case and I have everything to EXPOSE this CORRUPT OFFICER AND CONSULATE. Please bring justice to these people and stop the injustice Ecuadorians have suffered for too long. They got Al Capone on “tax evasion” to put him away. If it takes a Federal Law violation to put this Visa Officer “away” and Reform Immigration by exposing the Consulate/Embassy Visa Officer abuses that take place daily around the world, but are almost impossible to prove. I’ve got all the documents and many credible witnesses needed to do this, but I need someone to take it from here. Please help stop the injustice.


Our daughter stayed here in US for about 8 years. Her lawyer filed for a change of status while her H4 was still valid, though she was past 21 then. CSPA was still a gray area then, but we thought that the purpose "To protect children from ageing out" was clear and would cover her. She was denied. She was forced to go on voluntary departure. Now, she can't come back even for a temporary visit to attend her graduation. The automatic retention of priority date was also denied. Hence, it seems that the immigration system has just made things more complicated and confusing. CSPA has become more of a lottery (than real protection) - ambiguous, with people hoping to win, and ending in frustration.Why do they turn the good purpose of a law into a complicatedly bad implementation?

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