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What I don't understand is why USCIS never admits any wrongdoing on their part. They keep messing things up for immigrants and putting them in a dangerous spot (like the lady who is subject of this blog) and still don't even get this woman a chance. This woman would not have been in this situation had it not been for USCIS' mistakes. Unbelievable.


That's why Comprehensive Immigration Reform is urgently needed.
The "NO" Party (GOP) is the only obstacle for CIR to happen.


"Stupid is as Stupid does"..Forest Gump


I never realized that this is a country that blocks opportunities for hardworking immigrants even after approving their petitions!US is anti-immigrant these days but still wants intelligent foreigners.MEANING???


I liked your article alot, I couldn't stop myself and posted it on my favorit forum to have other members read it.
I hope I didn't go behind my limit, in case you don't agree, please let me know and I will contact the forum moderator to delet it.

You have a great day


Ashish Mark Ingle

I think it would be of more value to post such articles on anti-immigration websites and blogs also. I think immigrants (who visit your website) already are aware of such immigration faux-pas. It is of importance to educate and inform people who are resistant to immigration reforms through such articles.
I would highly recommend that issues like these are brought to their attention in order to have them realize the urgency of immigration reform. It’s just that, I believe that if they can’t see the obvious, we have to help them see it.
Ashish Mark Ingle

M. Kehale

The analogy drawn by this case is almost akin to someone saying, "what do you mean smoking is bad for you? My grandmother smokes everyday and she's 90!" Exception or Rule??? Not anti-immigrant.... Anti-ILLEGAL immigrant... there IS a difference...


they have nationalsocialist system here (american version of it) certain persons are viewed as unnecessary/not of that kind/illegal


i have a question about this immigration reform bill.So,if you are in America for,let's say 5 years,anyour visa expired,but you overstayed,you will be forced to go home??Then who will benefit from this bill????

Elliot Foley

"In such cases [one spouse may be illegal while the other spouse is a U.S. citizen], does it make sense to arrest and deport the illegal spouse, and separate the family for weeks, months or even years?"

It absolutely does make sense. Bank robbers with children are arrested and put into prison, so why should illegal aliens somehow be exempt from US laws?

It's incomprehensible that anyone would break into this country, then make the CHOICE to have children knowing FULLY they will be deported, yet at the same time think, somehow, some way, this gives them a get out of jail free card. REALLY????

The sense of entitlement illegal aliens have never ceases to amaze me.


You break the law you get punsihed thats pretty much common sense. What part of that logic seems hard to comprehend? Because of special cases or circumstance?
Well I'm sure if you ask any criminal why they did what they did all of them will have an equally sad story to tell you to try and justify their actions. If they didn't then obviously they would be considered mentally ill because oviously if you kill someone or rob someone just for laughs then something is wrong with your head.
The point being all law breakers have an excuse and it would be foolish to bend the law everytime they recite their sad tale and you go "awww thats sad"

Carson Mahoney

These comments disturb me - an illegal immigrant is NOT on the same level as a murderer or a bank robber. And even if they were, they would still be kept within the country and able to see their families during visitation hours.

Also, please make sure your comments are grammatically correct, you sound worse than an illegal immigrant yourself. Being able to sound respectable is important - and come on, people. Have a heart - I know it's hard for you to comprehend, but this world is void of compassion. If you were in the same shoes as these people, you would be running towards our borders too.

Elliot Foley

"an illegal immigrant is NOT on the same level as a murderer or a bank robber. And even if they were, they would still be kept within the country and able to see their families during visitation hours."

How about a tax fraud? Or identity thief then? Regardless, all 4 are felonies and all illegals are breaking our laws.

Bottom line: Illegals are not exempt from US laws and should NEVER be rewarded for breaking them.


Our government can do very little right. You need a passport to travel but it takes to long to get it. People need to hear on their request to stay in this country in a timely manor. Give the government 180 if they can not make a ruling go before a judge and be granted citizenship. That keeps them (the government) on their toes. We do need to streamline the whole process. But still no citizenship for illegals that jump the border only a green card till they learn to follow the rules.

Delaware Bob

You have just explained illegal immigration. Who caused this problem? The illegal aliens.

Folks, we as Americans should know that you CAN NOT pick and choose which laws you want to follow and which laws you do NOT want to follow. The Non-representing representatives of ours are following marching orders from god knows who, but its not us, and its not the Law! We Americans need to STAND UP NOW and tell them enough is enough! FOLLOW the LAW! Kick out every illegal alien and their children, send them back to Mexico or wherever it is they are from! they are abusing the system!, and you can bet LARAZA is behind a majority of this! healthcare? say NO to covering illegals out of our pockets! we have done this far to long! and are now facing the consequences! Our schools are overcrowded with them! they get free food stamps! free medical! free places to live! why would they NOT want these things?? it is TIME for them to GO HOME! Let Mexico deal with its own, or they can go their and change their own country! As an American Citizen I am TIRED of footing the bill here! where in the CONSTITUTION does it say "sneak across the border, drop a child and get free living, compliments of the U.S. Taxpayer??? what did our forefathers fight and die for?? this SNAFU? Tell your representatives that it is time to FOLLOW THE LAW! Every last one of them that set foot across our border BROKE THE LAW, or overstayed a VISA! They need to be apprehended, deported.

Illegal aliens are destroying this Country, and one would have to be almost blind not to see this. How much longer do we have to support these illegal aliens? How much longer do we have to school their illegal alien children? How much longer are we going to let them have our jobs? How much longer are we going to put up with all the crime, stolen identities, forged documents, fake green cards? How much longer are we going to allow these illegal aliens to send money out of this Country and bring our Country down? Oh, amnesty will correct all this. WRONG! Nothing will change except we wouldn't be able to call them illegal aliens any more. Let's get rid of these illegal aliens! Let's get them back to their own Country where they belong!

It's time for ZERO TOLERENCE with these illegal aliens. When we get rid of the illegal aliens, we will get rid of all the problems that go with them. THAT IS A FACT!

Mother of Mexicans

This is such a touchy subject with me. I am married to an illegal alien, who has lived here since he was 17 and now is 36. This is one subject no one has touched. These people come here at an age so young they do no understand the consequence of their actions. Many times in such desperate need they are sent by parents who cannot make it without the extra money.

I as an American citizen understand it was my choice to marry him and have 4 children with him. As soon as we could we started the process to try and obtain a green card for him. After 4 years and $10,000 he is in Mexico, and waiting to see if he can get the green card. After all of this the consulate is needing 18 more months to make their decision. So for our family to be together, I have to make tough choices.
I have to quite my good paying job, that I have paid taxes and lived a very legal life, in order to be with my husband. He also paid taxes on any money he earned once we were together. I filed legaly for both of us, on a tax id number that was issued to him from the federal government.
We are not on foodstamps, nor are any other immigrants that I am aware of, without social security number you cannot get food stamps (even with a fake one) not possible.
It is not always possible to choose who you love, that is a matter the heart not the mind. It is not a rational decision we make.
I am going to uproot my family and move to Mexico, where I will have to home school my children, live on $80 a week, and not have running water. Then I must pray to God my children do not get sick, becaue we will not have the money to take them to a descent doctor.
I will do this because, my country does not want my husband here, and my country does not care if our family is torn apart. Then I will file my taxes and spend my money in Mexico. I have already had to build a home there, and begin a business in order to make $80 a week.
If this is really how the people of MY country feel than I guess I do not really want to be here either. I will come back for a couple months and work to take my money back to Mexico, where my entire family is wanted, and my children can know their father, who is an awesome father and husband, who unlike our men loves his children and supports them.
I hope that everyone who is hellbent on thinking they want our jobs, takes one minute to understand what "illegal" means and what it should mean. We are all human, and we are all in need of something, Mexico is on our border and the minute you cross, the poverty alone is shocking.
My 14 year old daughter cried endlessly seeing how they have to live. Children begging on the roads for food
and you guys are crying over them being here, taking jobs I know you guys wont do. They spend 12 hour days in the fields doing the agricultural work none of you will do. They do not get paid less then us, not in my state anyway. My husband made $12 an hour to care for pine trees (christmas trees). No American would do the job so his boss began hiring them.
I could go on forever, and have an intellegant answer for anything you all have to say. I am a college graduate and hold a Bachelor's degree. I just happened to fall in love with an "illegal alien"


Delaware bob- you are obviously a sad sad sad man and i feel very sorry for you! you talk only like a sick man who needs help.....Its because of people like you that our country has problems...and if you ask me i think that if anyone needs to be kicked out of this country its people like DELAWARE BOB!!!!

Glenda Walls

I totally agree with the Mother of Mexicans. I do not understand why a man who has worked hard to support his family in this country is having such a hard time getting a green card or whatever it is he needs to come back to this country and support his family, love and take care of them. Our government is depriving these children of proper medical and dental care. Not to mention what the living conditions are in Mexico. I admire this mother for doing what is necessary to keep her family together. I don't mind saying also that I believe her to be my relative and her name is not published.

Legal Immigrant

I got my papers some years ago, and no ICE Agents are at MY door! As one with experience, I would be real skeptical about how she was going about the process. Exceptions will happen and I doubt she will be deported, but we must press on.

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