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Linda Dominguez

I, too, am a former INS/DHS prosecutor and I do not believe that the hearing will do more than sweep Mr. Bersin's "sins of omission" under the rug. Too often, I have seen that those with the money and power to hire persons illegally in the US do so without repercussions. The employees hired illegally suffer at the not so gentle hands of ICE enforcement officials and bear the consequences of laws criminalizing acts which, in earlier times, were seen as taking advantage of opportunities for a better life.

Tony W

A former CBP regional director went to trial for felony immigration charges relating to a nanny - see:

IF Mr. Bersin didn't follow the law and assumes leadership of the CBP, it is hard to fathom such inconsistent treatment by our government.

Neal Datta

His nomination should be withdrawn immediately and then he should be prosecuted for both the I-9 violations and the false statements submitted with his confirmation package (which like the average I-485 are signed under oath). Or if his nomination is not withdrawn, confirmed and then prosecuted. The latter might be better as it would draw even greater attention to the absolute hypocrisy of these thugs et. al. Oh yea, and all members of Congress should have to make the same disclosure.

Michael Freeman

The sins which Mr. Bersin seems guilty of are more clerical than policy problems. Certainly, that a top level official in a presidential administration would neglect his duty to insure that everyone in his employ is eligible to work in this country while they in fact work for him. However, the neglect Mr. Berstin has shown in completing the required paperwork should also serve as notice that the paperwork is often more of a hindrance than an assurance. While on the job, Mr. Bersin delegates tasks such as this to his subordinates, and feels assured the tasks are completed. in his home, however, it often might be true that there would not be a person in charge of human resources to see that these tasks are cared for. I doubt that the understanding that several, if not all of his nannies worked past the time that a completed I-9 form would have been required should be anything more than a political embarrassment for him and the President. But it should not prevent him from serving his country.

Tony W

"More clerical than policy problems." That line, posed to an ICE examiner in the context of the 2,000 plus recent employer audits, would be laughable. In one of the Bush-era criminal employer prosecutions, it would show up in the charging documents.

The Obama Administration's nomination and support of this person has a negative impact on the ability to make immigration reform a reality. More than that, it makes the government's prosecution of former CBP director Lorraine Henderson seem absurdly unjust.


This is not a clerical error, it's just straight out abuse of the Immigration Law. Especially when the person in question is that of a high command figure whose known as the "tough" prosecutor. He gives no one a chance nor does he even consider the person whom he prsecutes, that person may have been a poor sole who was not able to fend for himself. Mr. Alan Bersin should know how many people he hired and who was or wasn't legal.Therefore he should face the consequences and ousted from his position, and Justice for All.

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