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illegal entry aside, there are many who've entered the country legally, have applied for work visa sponsorships or are beneficiaries of family visas. This group of immigrants has abided by the law and yet are still waiting years or even decades to get their green cards. Should they be put in the same boat as those who entered illegally? The backlogs and processing wait times are so extensive and long, that 15, 20 years later, they're still waiting to start their life. It's a waste of the intellectual, social and financial capital they bring to society, despite following the law. It's a loss to the US as a whole to not benefit from their valuable contribution. By denying immigration reform, you're rightfully punishing those who enter illegally, but wrongfully punishing those who have followed the law.


Absolutely agree with Vinnie. Which is why I thought McCain and Kennedy exhibited their cluelessness about green card wait times (don't mean to trample of a man's grave) in the McCain-Kennedy bill of 2007. In that bill they had an 8-year wait for illegal immigrants to get a green card and they were proudly touting that as a measure that makes sure illegal immigrants go to the "back of the line".

What makes matters worse is the ineptitude of the DoS and USCIS when it comes to managing immigrant visa demand. Examples are the wastage of about 20000 immigrant visas in FY2006 because of DoS's over-stinginess and the visa-gate episode of FY2007 when DoS made everybody current.

It is clear that these agencies haven't learnt much. Even in the latest visa bulletin (January 2010), DoS claims that the "best case" scenario for EB3 India by the end of FY2010 is around Jan-Feb 2002. While that comports with the inventory statistics that USCIS published earlier, the time to advance EB3 India to Feb 2002 is now, not Sep 2010, so that USCIS can get its act together and get the cases approved before FY2010 runs out.

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There is no single satisfactory reason as to why the process for attaining any visa, especially a green card visa, takes so long beyond sheer volume. I would advise to never cease the process or drop out, because that will only put you back at the end of the line. Also, never be afraid to follow-up, make calls, and ask questions that involve speeding up your process...every little bit helps!

Green Card Visa

I have to agree with Vinnie as well. These wait times are absolutely unacceptable. There are countries with far less resources that handle these things in a much timelier fashion. There is just no excuse for this, whatsoever.

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